We Offer

harley davidson SX250 engine rebuild

award winning mechanical & cosmetic restoration of your Aermacchi Harley-Davidson motorcycle

complete engine rebuilds blueprinted back to stock 

cast iron cylinder boring

crankshaft rebuilding

carburetor rebuilding

magneto ~ generator rebuilding

test running of  50cc  &  65cc  engines upon completion of rebuild available upon request

complete rebuilds on 175cc & 250cc two strokes if lower ends are not seized

Ceriani, Marzocchi, & Betor fork assemblies rebuilt

Ceriani & Sebac rear shock absorbers rebuilt

machine shop services

NOS, used, restored & reproduction parts available for sale

paint restoration in original schemes & colours for the purist

sandblasting, glass bead blasting & chemical stripping 

we ship world wide 

domestic USA motorcycle shipping



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